I help professionals with a passion for fitness to go vegan and build a body that makes them smile.

No matter where you are with veganism and your fitness, if you want to go vegan and you’re ready to commit, then now is the perfect time. I work with people who are ready to lean in. You don’t need convincing, you understand the benefits, now you want a strategy to make it happen.

There are countless things you can do to achieve your goals on a vegan diet. In my experience, long-term fitness and vegan success come down to the same 3 fundamentals.  Intention – to succeed. Perseverance – in the face of adversity.  Strategy – to make it happen.  You provide the intention and perseverance. I provide the strategy.

A successful strategy consists of 5 components.  The right training, effective nutrition, sufficient rest, your ‘why’, and a ‘how’.

I dreamt of having a great body for as long as I can remember. Before I was old enough to go to the gym, I would sneak upstairs every evening to do press-ups and sit-ups.  I built my dream body by 18, and then completely lost it through a personal crisis.  I learned from my experiences. I went on to dissect the process and work out how to optimise every part of a successful regimen. Through my experience of building, then losing, then re-building a body that makes me proud to look in the mirror, I developed a comprehensive understanding of what works, what doesn’t, and how to succeed from day 1.

I’ve since gone on to create the best selling online course, The Vegan Body Plan, and have helped over 11,000 people in 148 countries.

My vision is a vegan world. My mission is to pioneer this by helping people to build the body they want for today, with the health that they want for tomorrow. Plant-based living and optimised output are the cornerstones of my philosophy. I invite you to share them with me.