5 Quick Next Steps

Join The Facebook Group by Clicking link Below

Those who are accountable are much more likely to see their goals through to completion.  We’re all going through the same process here, so join the 30 Day Vegan Challenge Private Facebook Group and start seeing how others are doing in their own challenge now: https://www.facebook.com/groups/veganfitglobal/

Access the 5-step How to Go Vegan Masterclass

I created this 7 day plan for Women’s Running Magazine.  On page 5 of the guide, I provide a 7 day vegan meal plan that contains 35 different breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert and snack options. It gives you a whole host of immediate meal options to choose from, and you’re guaranteed to discover some new foods that you’ll enjoy.  Pick a few of the meal options that catch your eye, and then if you can, nip out to the supermarket and grab some ingredients today. This will mean there’s food ready for you to get started tomorrow!

Invite a friend or family member to do the challenge with you

Make the journey even easier and more fun by sharing it with someone close to you.  If you know anyone who could benefit from taking the 30 day Vegan-Fit Challenge then invite them to do it with you, by sending them the following link: veganbodyplan.com/30daychallenge

Check Your Emails

You should have received a welcome email to the challenge.  If it’s not there already, then check back a little later and take a look in your spam folder too. You’re going to be receiving an email a day from me over the next 30 days with valuable tips and tricks to get the most from your transition, so make sure to read these on a daily basis. 

Join Me On Social Media

Make sure to join me on social Media by clicking on the buttons below.  I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re getting on!

And that’s it! I can’t wait to see how you’re feeling in 30 days. Now lets go out there and do it!